Our Vision

To Build equitable, knowledgeable and productive families and communities for a sustainable future.

Our Mission

To develop and promote socio-economic policies, legislations and institutional strengthening through partnerships and mobilising of resources to improve the lives of the marginalised and vulnerable groups in Papua New Guinea.

The Department of Community Development and Religion operates under the Community Development Ministerial Portfolio. The Minister for Community Development, Youth and Religion is the political head of the Department. The Department manages a host of Offices for its operations. It also houses different divisions to support its role as well as offer support services to the different offices it manages. The Secretary runs the operations of the Department with close consultation with the Minister.

Mandates and Functions of the Department

The primary function of the Department for Community Development and Religion is to develop policies and legislations that are translated into programs to promote and protect the rights of marginalized and vulnerable groups such as children, women, persons living with disability and the elderly through its Community Development, Corporate and Mandated Functions at the same time providing reports to the National Executive Council (NEC) through the office of the Minister.

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