Roles and Functions

Community Learning is about people in the community having access to information, skills and ideas-new and traditional – that help them improve their lives. This approach is seen as a major tool for empowering people to participate in their communities, social and economic development, emphasizing life-long learning and the connection between this and sustainable development.

Community economics is about how people make their livelihoods and access income generating opportunities to improve their quality of life. Work in this area is concerned about developing the informal sector in various ways such as: skills training, developing domestic and international markets for handicrafts, food products and other informal sector products and services, and improve access to microfinance.

Community environment is concerned with the physical and social environment in which people live. It is about building safe, healthy and sustainable communities with positive values such as co-operation, respect for rights, cultural pride and identity..

Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of this section is in accordance with the Integrated Community Development Policy of the department which is to build a vibrant, knowledgeable and productive communities for a sustainable future.

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