Roles and Functions

The National Office of Child and Family Services (NOCFS) is the custodian to statutory functions on Child and Family Services. The office has significant responsibilities within the Department and the State. NOCFS protects the rights of children and welfare issues of Families through provisions of services by implementing the Lukautim Pikinini Act (LPA) and the Child Protection Policy. The National Child Protection Policy embraces and guides LPA.

Under the DfCDR structure NOCFS is headed by the Director of National Office of Child and Family Services, there is one Deputy Director including the Manager, NCD Child and Family Services, they both report to the Director. The Director of NOCFS reports to the Deputy Secretary – Corporate & Regulatory Services of DfCDR or directly to the Secretary on notable grounds.

Vision and Mission

The National Office of Child and Family Services rides on the Vision and Mission Statements of the Integrated Community Development Policy (ICDP) as the overarching Policy of DfCDR. However, NOCFS also gives Prominence to the Vision Statement of the National Child Protection Policy; ‘Protect Children, Secure Future’ with specific policy definitions surrounding the primary objectives and core principles of the LPA to guide the implementation of programs.

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