Roles and Functions

Policy Planning Monitoring & Evaluation (PPM&E) Branch is under the Corporate & Regulatory Services Division of the Department for Community Development & Religion. The branch is overseen by a First Assistant Secretary (FAS) and two Assistant Secretaries (AS). One AS manages the Policy and Planning functions while the latter is tasked with Monitoring and Evaluation functions. The two Assistant Secretaries report to the FAS-PPM&E. The FAS-PPM&E reports to the Deputy Secretary - Corporate and Regulatory Services Division.

The PPM&E branch is vested with the core responsibilities of Regulatory processes of Coordination and Monitoring implementation of National Policies, core Programs and Statutory functions of the Department. The branch monitors and evaluates progresses and impacts of policies and programs being implemented and report on findings. The branch is also responsible for building Networks, Dialogues and Partnerships with Line Agencies, Development Partners and Stakeholders. The branch further provides advisory and consultative roles, develop research methodologies and techniques and practically apply researches on social policy developments, strategic and impact program initiatives.

       Policy & Planning Section

  • Focal point, liaise with external partners, internal program managers and agencies within the Ministry. Inform and advice Secretary on new as well as existing developments.
  • Consult, plan and advice on internal and external policy matters and strategic engagements
  • Build and maintain network and partnerships, internally and externally
  • Prepare department’s periodic program implementation plans, annual and intermediate plans
  • Develop appropriate social research methods and techniques on practical approaches to policy developments and priority program initiatives

      Monitoring & Evaluation Section

  • Monitor implementation of DfCDR programs/projects
  • Facilitate for monthly/quarterly/annual management reviews, collect and collate report of progress and achievements by branch and sections
  • Prepare and compile periodic reports of program/project implementation and disseminate to Secretary, Minister and externally
  • Evaluate progress and impact of DfCDR policies and priority programs/projects on timely basis
  • Design, maintain and improve on best practice M&E systems appropriate for DfCDR policies and programs/projects

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