The Office of Censorship is the organization that determines and classify films, video tapes and printed matter exhibited, sold or hire throughout Papua New Guinea. Since the establishment of the office in 1989, there has been a lot of development in the entertainment industry. Technology has changed rapidly during those twenty three (23) years, which has made changes to the way we conduct our business.

The importance of the role the Censorship plays in protecting the moral fabric of society from erosion through the influence of television and other mediums of communication is continuously being upheld by the Censorship Board. Protecting of our noble traditions and national identify is the mandate and has continues to do this in order to peruse development in the right direction.

The functions of the Censorship Board and its secretariat, the Office of Censorship, were established under Section 4 and 13 of the Classification of Publication (Censorship) Act respectively. The functions and powers of both the Board and the Office are contained with the same Act. The Censorship Board is a policy or decision making body headed by a Chairman and a Deputy Chairperson. It consists of twelve (12) members, nominated from a cross section of community and appointed for three years. The Board consists of representatives from the following stakeholder organizations:

  1. Police
  2. Education
  3. National Cultural Commission
  4. National Council of Women
  5. Justice Department
  6. Mass Media
  7. PNG Council of Churches
  8. National Youth Commission
  9. Representatives of Women
  10. Censorship Office

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