People Growing Together'

What is the National Volunteer Service?

The National Volunteer Service (NVS) is a statutory body of the government established by an act of parliament on the 12th of April 1990. The office came into operation in 1993 with its first volunteers being recruited and placed in different communities. National Volunteer Service acts as a development strategy to recruit, train and engage volunteers to deliver much needed services in rural communities throughout the country. It is a home grown initiative of the government to utilize skilled and professional Papua New Guinean citizens to volunteer their services to implement the development goals of the government.


The NVS vision is to be part of a nation-building driving force instrumental in community empowerment and community development aimed at reducing inequality, dependency and alleviating poverty.


The National Volunteer Service of Papua New Guinea is on a mission of promoting and supporting citizen participation in sustainable people centered development.


The Broad goals of the National Volunteer Service is to promote development by fostering:

A)      Self Reliance

B)      Sustainability

C)      Respect

D)     Personal Viability

E)      Participatory Development

F)      Equality

G)     PNG Culture and Traditions 


The objectives of the National Volunteer Service is to:

1) Promote and Support the process of communities developing themselves.

2) Promote, support and give significance to the volunteer’s participation and contribution in community development.

3) Provide a venue for the development and transfer of Papua New Guinea skills to carry out effective community development.

4) Develop, maintain and sustain NVS capacity to meet the demand of communities for development services vital to their day to day survival.

5) Work parallel in partnership and cooperation with and among other organizations who share a similar vision for development.

Who are the Volunteers?

NVS recruits trained and qualified individuals, with the knowledge and skills to implement and accomplish the tasks as requested by the host organization. These volunteers can be recent graduates who want to provide a service to the community, experienced workers who want to do something different for themselves and share their knowledge and skills by helping others who deserve it the most. Volunteers can also be retired or retrenched public servants or workers who feel that they still have it in them to contribute meaningfully to the development of Papua New Guinea.

Sectors volunteers work in:

NVS volunteers work in the following sectors but not restricted to others that may be specifically requested by the host Organization or Community.

Health & HIV/AIDS, Education/Adult Literacy, Agriculture, Tourism, Community Development, Sports, Business Development, Project Management, Fisheries, Forestry and others.

Type of programs and activities NVS does:

1.      NVS has a recurrent volunteer program. Recruitment is done every two years with a maximum number of 30 volunteers.

2.       Joint partnership program. The recruitment of volunteers is done in partnership with interested partners who would want to recruit volunteers to implement their programs. This partnership can take place anytime of the year.