As the newly appointed Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development, I am very honoured for the opportunity given as the political overseer of a Department responsible for a number of different Governmental Agencies. To begin with, I would like to acknowledge the staffs in this Department, from the departmental heads down to the securities, drivers and cleaners for your efforts in making sure the Department is functional and serving its purpose. This organization is more or less directly concerned with the livelihood of people in our communities, and especially very vulnerable group of populace which are our youth, women, elderly and people living with disabilities.

In order for the Department to fully and effectively serve its purpose, my encouragement to all is to Think Big, Plan Big, be Pro-Active, be a good Team Player and aim to effectively achieve the organizations functions and objectives. Everyone must be pro-active and think outside of the box to move the department forward. There is no space for time wasters and lazy individuals.

Team work is a driving force in the successful operation of an organization. Effective communication and co-operation is a priority between different sections in the department. Therefore, work collaboratively, be pro-active and persevere in each individual designated role for effective service delivery which is the far most important goal of any government department. And finally, let’s Think Big, Plan Big, be Pro-Active, be good Team Player and let’s take back our country Papua New Guinea.


Hon. Wake Goi, MP

Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development